YouTube's Twitch rival, YouTube Gaming, set to launch tomorrow

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 26 August 2015

Following on from its pre-E3 announcement this year, YouTube's Twitch rivalling service named YouTube Gaming, is primed and ready for launch tomorrow. FULL STORY >


ShowMax officially launches its new on-demand streaming service in South Africa

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 20 August 2015

Now officially available in SA, ShowMax is an on-demand entertainment streaming service that has binge-watchers in mind, with monthly subscriptions set to R99/pm. FULL STORY >


FTC looking into Apple Music and rules for streaming rival services

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 13 July 2015

After receiving positive feedback following debut a few weeks ago, now the FTC is closely examining Apple Music's streaming of rival services from within the App Store. FULL STORY >


Apple Music to pay artists during free trial, following Taylor Swift open letter

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 22 June 2015

Apple heeds Taylor Swift's "advice", as Apple Music's Eddie Cue confirms that the company will pay artists during the service's three month long trial period. FULL STORY >


MTN unveils new Music+ streaming and downloading platform

By Staff Writer 24 April 2015

Taking a cue from services like Spotify and Tidal, MTN South Africa has just debuted its new subscription-based music streaming and downloading platform - MTN Music+. FULL STORY >


South Africa on the way to catching up internationally, says Telkom

By Ryan Noik 5 February 2014

Finally, South Africa may be on the way to catching up with its broadband counterparts in the US, Europe and Asia. FULL STORY >


Parrot Asteroid Mini

By Mike Joubert 13 January 2014

Not everyone is blessed with the latest in-car infotainment system. Parrot’s Asteroid Mini is an elegant solution that fills this gap. FULL STORY >


Nokia to enhance music streaming with Music Plus

By Hanleigh Daniels 28 January 2013

Nokia announces a new subscription-based upgrade to Mix Radio called Music+. FULL STORY >


Microsoft launches Xbox Music

By Ryan Noik 16 October 2012

Microsoft has unveiled, and is set to launch, its new Xbox Music service, which will begin rolling out worldwide from today. FULL STORY >


Davin Mole, CEO of Simfy Africa music streaming service

By Staff Writer 14 September 2012

For the price of half a CD (R60 per month), you have over 18 million tracks available to stream from Simfy Africa. We talked to Davin Mole, CEO of Simfy Africa. FULL STORY >


Samsung unveils hybrid optical disk drive and smart media hub

By Ryan Noik 2 September 2011

Samsung's newly announced SE-208BW optical drive does double duty as a smart media hub, enabling users to wirelessly stream and play CDs and DVDs on numerous devices. FULL STORY >


World's first two-way HDMI streaming kit

By Johan Keyter 19 April 2011

ASUS unveils its new WAVI, enabling seamless streaming of HD content between your PC and TV. FULL STORY >


Google to spend millions on YouTube programming

By Johan Keyter 8 April 2011

Google prepares to make a huge cash injection into YouTube, with new production houses set to bring fresh programming to the site. FULL STORY >


YouTube experimenting with live streaming

By Tom Manners 13 September 2010

Is YouTube moving towards live video functionality FULL STORY >


Music Piracy in Decline

By Mike Joubert 14 July 2009

UK music fans opting to stream music rather than pirate. FULL STORY >

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