Microsoft's Xbox 360 has provided with a few classic games, the likes of Gears of War and Halo. For these and other interesting titles, look under our Xbox 360 segment.

L.A. Noire

By Johan Keyter 10 June 2011


We don a new suit and tie and head into the murky streets of 1940s L.A. in Team Bondi's L.A. Noire. FULL STORY >


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

By Ryan Noik 13 December 2011

There is a good reason Call of Duty 3: Modern Warfare has garnered such a loyal following. FULL STORY >


Spiderman: Edge of Time

By Ryan Noik 27 October 2011

Edge of Time is the latest instalment in the Spiderman game saga that we still enjoyed despite its shortcomings. FULL STORY >


Dungeon Siege III

By Johan Keyter 15 July 2011

We don a brand new set of armour and jump into the monster slaying fantasy setting of Dungeon Siege III. FULL STORY >


Dirt 3

By Johan Keyter 7 June 2011

We jump into some of the greatest rally machines in the world and take on the twists, turns and mud-splattered chaos of Codemasters' Dirt 3. FULL STORY >


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters

By Johan Keyter 11 May 2011

We grab our clubs and head on down to the green in EA's Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12. FULL STORY >


Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed

By Johan Keyter 10 May 2011

We kick the tires of the latest Need for Speed title to see if anything falls off. FULL STORY >


Operation Flashpoint: Red River

By Johan Keyter 9 May 2011

We check our ammo as we prepare to enter combat in the unrelentingly realistic world of Operation Flashpoint: Red River. FULL STORY >


Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

By Johan Keyter 7 April 2011

We travel to a galaxy far far away to join Obi-Wan, Anakin, Yoda and the rest in a new block busting Lego Star Wars adventure. FULL STORY >


Test Drive Unlimited 2

By Johan Keyter 2 March 2011

We put peddle to the metal and check out the interactive new world of Test Drive Unlimited 2. FULL STORY >


Dead Space 2

By Johan Keyter 7 February 2011

We grab a plasma cutter, put on our brave face, and jump into the intense action and horror of Dead Space 2. FULL STORY >

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