Microsoft's Xbox 360 has provided with a few classic games, the likes of Gears of War and Halo. For these and other interesting titles, look under our Xbox 360 segment.

Need for Speed Undercover

By Thomas McKinnon 7 January 2009


You never thought it would turn out like this, an all-out chase where youre the hunted. And the hunter. Now you must get behind the wheel and risk everything to infiltrate a ruthless international crime syndicate and take them down. FULL STORY >


Halo Wars

By Thomas McKinnon 7 April 2009

?ǣHalo Wars??? is an all-new real-time strategy game based on the legendary ?ǣHalo??? universe and designed exclusively for Xbox 360 by Ensemble Studios, creators of the ?ǣAge of Empires??? franchise. FULL STORY >


Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

By Kirsty Melville 2 March 2009

For the first time ever Scorpion, Sub-Zero and the Mortal Kombat warriors battle with Batman, Superman and other popular DC Universe Super Heroes. Choose your side and challenge your opponents with a new fighting system including Freefall Kombat and Klose Kombat... FULL STORY >


Fallout 3

By Kirsty Melville 19 January 2009

Limitless Freedom! ??? Take in the sights and sounds of the vast Capital Wasteland! See the great monuments of the United States lying in post-apocalyptic ruin! You make the choices that define you and change the world. Just keep an eye on your Rad Meter! FULL STORY >


Shaun White Snowboarding

By Thomas McKinnon 7 January 2009

Open World Mountains: Choose how you ride in open-world mountains across the world. Conquer extreme peak conditions, create your own paths in the back country, or compete with fellow riders in the terrain parks. FULL STORY >


Call of Duty World at War

By Thomas McKinnon 2 December 2008

The co-op campaign allows players to rank up and unlock perks in competitive multiplayer by completing challenges and earning experience points, adding continuous re-playability and team-based gameplay. FULL STORY >


Gears of War 2

By Thomas McKinnon 27 November 2008

Gears of War 2 continues the story of Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad, locked in an increasingly desperate battle against the nightmarish Locust Horde for the survival of humanity. Gears of War 2 is an epic saga of survival, loss, and retribution. FULL STORY >


Quantum of Solace

By Thomas McKinnon 27 November 2008

James Bond is back to settle the score in Quantum of Solace: The Game. Introducing a more lethal and cunningly efficient Bond, the game blends intense first-person action with a unique third-person cover combat system that allows players to truly feel what it is like to be the... FULL STORY >



By Thomas McKinnon 5 November 2008

Caught between two rival factions in war-torn Africa, you are sent to take out \\ FULL STORY >


Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise

By Andrew Gould 3 November 2008

Now with full cooperative and online gameplay modes, the ?ǣViva Pi??ata??? franchise opens its doors even wider with a new game that provides hours of fun for gamers of all ages, fans of the animated series and animal lovers alike. FULL STORY >


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09

By Thomas McKinnon 6 October 2008

Tiger\\\'s coach Hank Haney is now your coach - helping you to improve your performance throughout your career. Following each round, Haney will deliver customised feedback on a player???s performance. This feedback system allows all gamers, rookies or PGA TOUR pros, to... FULL STORY >

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