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By Hanleigh Daniels 2 October 2013


FIFA 14 sprints onto the virtual pitch and aims to pull an eShibobo on PES 2014 via under the hood gameplay improvements. FULL STORY >


Newbies guide to GTA V

By Ryan Noik 26 September 2013

It’s all well and good that GTA V managed to garner rabid support from franchise fans, but can it do the more difficult and entice newbies to its side? FULL STORY >


Lost Planet 3

By Hanleigh Daniels 19 September 2013

Lost Planet 3 has us crash landing on E.D.N. III's desolate surface once again. But does the shooter have enough bullets in the feature chamber to appeal to both newbies and fans of the series alike? FULL STORY >


Splinter Cell: Blacklist

By Ryan Noik 18 September 2013

Sam Fisher is back, and after emerging from the development shadows, it’s clear that the long wait has been well worth it. FULL STORY >


Rayman Legends (PS3)

By Ryan Noik 30 August 2013

Rayman: Legends may just be one of the best platformers, certainly of the 2D scrolling variety, that we have played in quite some time. FULL STORY >


Quick review - Deadpool

By Ryan Noik 22 July 2013

The Merc with the Mouth has his own game and is as irreverent, and amusingly crazy as he has ever been depicted. FULL STORY >


MotoGP 13

By Hanleigh Daniels 12 July 2013

Superbike fans can once again take to the virtual racetrack on their chosen two-wheeled stallion within MotoGP 13. FULL STORY >


The Last Of Us

By Ryan Noik 3 July 2013

The latest from Naughty Dog may differ wholly from the developer's acclaimed Uncharted franchise, but one similarity shines brightly: this too is a genre defining game in a class of its own. FULL STORY >


Quick Review - Remember Me

By Ryan Noik 28 June 2013

Is Remember Me a gem worth reminding yourself to pick up and play, or mostly a forgettable entry? FULL STORY >


Grid 2

By Hanleigh Daniels 24 June 2013

Grid 2 races onto the current-gen gaming platforms, looking to appeal to both arcade racers and racing simulator fans alike. FULL STORY >


Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

By Ryan Noik 28 May 2013

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D swings and leaps from the Wii and lands on the 3DS. Is the port worth your time and money? FULL STORY >

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